• Hiroki Tanaka

    Hiroki Tanaka


    Software Engineer / Amateur Third-Class Radio Operator. I specialize in developing web applications and smartphone applications. I usually take responsibilities in building up cloud infrastructure such as AWS or GCP, in developing server side applications and in developing client side applicatioins.

    I first joined a company that develops many softwares of goverment / public.
    For some year experience, I decided to quit that company and moved to a "social mobile game" company where I could have an expericence to manage big data.
    Then I quit the job and started to work as a freelancer.
    At that time I was able to help some internet service startup companies.
    I also have some experience to start up local business in Cambodia and Vietnam Hanoi.
    Currently, I am focusing on developing web3 technologies, such as building blockchain applications using Rust programing language. When I'm not designing or building software, I likes to go out and seeking for delicious restaurant, or playing soccer.
  • designer

    We have one designer crew.
    UI/UX design building/modification can be quickly done in-house.