We provides consulting services related to system development. For example, it may be useful in the following scenes. - In case you want to check whether your system development estimate is OK. - In case you want to evaluate a new technology for your new system proposals, but you don't have time to complete it.

use case

The followings are our support cases

Game development team mentor

We supported selection and verification of application middleware, assuming an environment with a large number of accesses and a high load.We also supported an introduction of issue management tools and source management tools, and the construction of an analysis environment.

Web3 development team mentor

In addition to supporting system development related to cryptocurrencies, we also have experience in designing, implementing, and auditing smart contracts and developing blockchain itself (so called Layer 1).

Digital marketing team support

We have an experience in supporting digital marketing teams dealing with Big Data. We provided support for building an analysis environment using Redshift, Hadoop/Presto, etc.


We have a member who have a skill of modern technology such as Rust/Kubernetes/NewSQL/Nuxt3/NextJs/SwiftUI/Jetpack Compose.We are happy to support teams considering to introduce such technology.
* In case working time exceeds 8 hours,
additional fee will be charged based on the time exceeded.
  • Spot coding/programming support
  • Submission of work report
  • Billing for working time only
  • Q&A using chat tool e.g. slack
  • 24/7 support