We offer the following services. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us

system development

We undertake the development of various systems and applications.
We develop and operate systems, focusing on small to medium-scale system development that is completed in-house.
From the customer's request stage of "I want to do this kind of thing", we undertake the development of the system all at once.
In addition, due to our development style with a small number of experts, we will flexibly respond to customer requests.

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We provides consulting services related to system development.
For example, it may be useful in the following scenes.
- In case you want to check whether your system development estimate is OK. - In case you want to evaluate a new technology for your new system proposals, but you don't have time to complete it.

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our products

We also develops its own services. We are developing "OSS help-desk" service and in-house blog sites(as well as mobile applications).

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